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Through our sustainable and regenerative travel packages feel deeper connections with nature, be educated, be healed and understand the need to protect the habitats you encounter for generations to come.

You can explore our collection of individual tours with live bookings available if you wish.

Even reach out for our personal travel planning, tailoring a trip full of the experiences you are seeking.

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Popular Packages

FEATURE_Cairns Regenerative Traveller Package
3 Day Package

Cairns Regenerative Traveller Package

from A$609.00

Thala Beach Nature Reserve – drone footage capturing the 145-acre escape.
4 Day Package
3nts Eco Lodge

Thala Beach Nature Reserve ~ The Ethical Explorer Package

from A$1075.00

Cairns 3-Day Discovery Package includes this location, the stunning Fitzroy Island and its Palm fringed shoreline.
3 Day Package

Cairns 3-Day Discovery Package: Islands, Outer Reef & Culture

from A$529.00

Giving Back

Tree Hugger Travel is dedicated to help safeguard the future of the world’s rainforests by supporting conservation programs that purchase, protect and restore endangered rainforests such as our very own and very ancient, Daintree Rainforest.

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The Southern Cassowary, Daintree NP [Credit: FNQ Nature Tours]

Popular Experiences

Snorkellers on the reef with a huge Humphead or Maori Wrasse.
1 Day Tour
Sustainable Travel

Cairns Eco Reef Cruise

from A$260.00

Daintree River Drift Experience includes inflatable river sleds and walking through a rainforest river system.
½ Day Tour
Sustainable Travel

Daintree River Drift Experience

from A$145.00

Daintree Night Walks [Feature]
2hr Tour - 8 people
Sustainable Travel

Daintree Night Walks

from A$50.00

Supporting Local

We make a huge effort to keep your trip dollars in the destination you visit, supporting communities and partnering with locally operated businesses like FNQ Nature Tours.

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Local wildlife expert Matt Cornish guiding with FNQ Nature Tours [Credit: Matt Cornish Photography]


Wildlife Experts

Enjoy tours lead by experts in Flora & Fauna.

Birding & Photography

Local birding and wildlife experts help capture the moment.

Private Tours

Tours and experiences just for you with expert local guides

Holistic Moments

Mindful moments in nature ~ Perfect Escapes

Overland Adventures

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Behind Tree Hugger

John Paul ~ Founder

A passionate traveller, living and doing what I love, experiencing life to the fullest and bringing it all into my professional journey.

As the proud founder of Tree Hugger Travel, I am deeply committed to making a positive impact, connecting eco-conscious travellers with exceptional experiences and placing the well-being of our planet before profit.

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