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Our Story: A Passions for Travel and Love of Nature

If you believe in something strong enough you can achieve anything.
That’s how Tree Hugger Travel began. An idea cultivated on a 4 year solo adventure seeing the best of nature, from the Amazon Rainforest to Great Barrier Reef, and African Savannahs to Patagonian Mountains.
Our belief is that other travellers want to see the same wonderful places while sharing our same desire, to experience authentic adventures in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Our Mission

To give people the power to choose an ethical way to travel by booking eco-certified tours and experiences and save threatened rainforests through our unique Eco-Rewards Programme.

Tree Hugger Travel - About Us - Our Mission - Go Sea Kayak in Byron Bay
Eco-Certified Wildlife Experiences | Go Sea Kayak Byron Bay
Tree Hugger Travel - About Us - Our Vision - Macaw - South America
Saving endangered species with our ethical loyalty programme

Our Vision

Create a global eco-tourism hub for the ethical traveller to book eco-certified tours and ethical experiences worldwide.

Establish a Loyalty Programme like no other that rewards our ethical clients by protecting threatened habitats and endangered species in their name by partnering with some of the world’s leading and most trusted conservation organisations.

We Love to Give

Tree Hugger Travel has partnered with World Land Trust to bring our loyal clients and website visitors to the forefront of conservation by funding the purchase of endangered rainforest worldwide.

We make this possible through our unique Eco-Rewards Loyalty Programme.

Tree Hugger Travel - About Us - Responsible Business

Responsible Business

We believe you must “practice what you preach”.

Tree Hugger Travel is committed to sustainable practices and to continually reduce our impacts on our environment.

Our environmental initiatives;

Responsible Banking

Business forget that banks invest their money wherever there is profits to make including unethical industries.

Tree Hugger Travel chooses to bank with Bank Australia.

Carbon Neutral Bank
carbon neutral bank since 2011

Bank Australia refuse to put money into the fossil fuel industry.

Only invest in good
Bank Australia looks for investments that will benefit people and planet.

Here for our clients

We pride ourselves on our customer support and service.

Our philosophy believes there is never too many questions, understanding is key to happy travelling.

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