Campervan Price Beats Downunder

Are You thinking of hiring a campervan, or even a car, and setting off on a road trip of a lifetime around Australia or New Zealand? Then you have come to the right place.

Our TeamĀ here at Tree Hugger Travel aim to deliver you campervan price beats on any quotes you've received already. Simple as that!

Our campervan price beats aim to get you a better deal, saving you dollars better spent elsewhere and applies to campervan and car hire.

Our campervan price beatĀ form below is set out clearly for you to easily give us the basic information we need to get you that campervan price beat!

Please also ask us for a quote too! Our team are more than happy to get you a price and supply all the relevant small print you need to know.

Campervan Price Beat and Quote Form

So we can quickly get an awesome campervan price beat for you please complete the form below.

For price beats we need the daily rate before any add ons such as insurance reduction options etc.

If you simply would like a new quote then follow the instructions on the form..

Let's get you a good deal!

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examples: Jucy Crib / Britz 4WD / Maui River
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example: Insurance Excess Waiver Rate
example: 1-way fee of $200