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Our vision

Create a global eco-tourism hub for the ethical traveller to book ethical experiences worldwide and meaningfully give back to nature.

Eco Rewards

Establish a Loyalty Programme like no other that rewards our ethical clients by protecting threatened habitats and endangered species in their name

Ethical Business

We Do Business from the heart
We Do Not Follow Money
We strive to Be Better
We always Give Back

Booking tours really does mean saving rainforest

Tree Hugger Travel is funding the purchase of threatened habitats with the hep of the World Land Trust and creating protected nature reserves across the world.

This is all made possible by adventure minded travellers booking Australian tours and experiences through our friendly, caring and knowledgable travel team. Care bout our natural world? Want to see the best nature has to offer in Australia. Get in touch and you can help us create new or extend existing reserves providing more safe havens for some of Earth’s most vulnerable wildlife.

Current projects we are funding

El Pantanoso Reserve – Argentina

In Argentina, the Yungas occupies a narrow fringe along the Andean eastern slopes in the provinces of Salta, Jujuy, Tucuman and Catamarca. There is an altitudinal diversity supporting a wide diversity of flora and fauna including Jaguar, Puma, Jaguarundi, Margay, Ocelot, Pampas Cats and tapirs.

Naturalezay Cultura Ecuador (NCEcuador)

Founded in 1997 to conserve endangered habitats, strengthen local capacity and help communities preserve their way of life. NCEcuador’s projects are in the south of the country and conserve dry coastal forest, rich cloud forests of the Andean mountains and rainforests of the Amazon basin.

Grupo Ecológico Sierra Gorda (GESG) – Mexico

Protecting threatened habitats in  the mountainous terrain of the Sierra Gorda Reserve located in Central Mexico. The Sierra Gorda is the most ecologically diverse area in the country. This is even more impressive considering that Mexico is one of the most mega-diverse countries in the world.

Our funding progress

In 2017 we were thrilled by funding the protection of 24,000 square meters of threatened habitats in Argentina, Ecuador and Mexico. This was all made possible by our clients booking their Australian tours and experiences through Tree Hugger Travel. Ecuador was the most popular choice when we asked our clients which project they would like Tree Hugger Travel to fund on their behalf.

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Our Customer World Land Trust Funding Certificates


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