Kangaroo Island Eco Tours

Ocean, Adventure and Unique Wildlife

Explore with some Kangaroo Island eco tours to experience one of the best places to see unique Australian wildlife in its natural habitat.

More than a third of the whole island under national or conservation park status with Flinders Chase National Park being the biggest, taking up most of Kangaroo Island’s western side. Here you'll find famous landmarks like Remarkable Rocks, Admirals Arch and ofcourse lots of animal species, with many actually classed as endangered.

The ocean is rich in life and a visit to Kangaroo Island is incomplete without witnessing the Australian sea lion and fur seal colony at Seal Bay Conservation Park. At Cape Borda, climb the lighthouse and enjoy some of South Australia’s best views or visit Australia's first lighthouse at Cape Willoughby Conservation Park.

Activities such as hiking, kayaking and ATV trails are part of most Kangaroo Island eco tours as well as cruises around the surrounding coastline where marine life is abundant. Dolphins make regular appearances with sightings of many other marine species such as huge southern right whales to the world’s smallest penguin species, aptly named the little penguin.

Kangaroo Island eco tours offer many options for all travellers and enthusiasts.

Kangaroo Island eco tours - how to explore:

Tours Departing Adelaide
Adelaide is an ideal location to start your Kangaroo Island eco tours if you don't have your own transport or even travelling solo. All inclusive prices include ferry transfers and even flights on premium tours. There are tours from one day to multiple nights. (see also Adelaide Eco Tours)
Marine Life and Coastal Cruises
Kangaroo Island is surrounded by coastline teeming with life and offering breathtaking scenery. Boat cruises offer the opportunity to witness dolphins, seals, eagles and an array of birdlife all in its natural habitat. Famous seasonal visitors are southern right whales, the 5th largest in the world, and other unique marine life make appearances throughout the year. Kangaroo Island eco tours include wildlife viewing and opportunities to swim or snorkel with dolphins and seals.
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