Tree Hugger Ravel Team - John

John Whelan

Founder / Travel Manager

I love nature, wildlife, people and crazy adventures. The perfect mix I thought to start an adventurous travel company helping people find awesome experiences and trips of a lifetime. I was brought up in Wales, UK and my huge adventure began back in 2005 when I broke free of the daily nine to five job and jumped on an aeroplane destined for South Africa. That year I covered 4 continents of the world experiencing so many new things and the desire for knowledge, fun and happiness meant there was no going back. My base became Cairns, surrounded by ancient tropical rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef on my doorstep. Here I gained a wealth of knowledge about the tourism industry and with over 7 years experience I am implementing those skills to connect adventurous travellers with awesome experiences across Australia. I am also really excited about our conservation programme too. To be involved in directly protecting threatened habitats worldwide is a fantastic start for Tree Hugger Travel and more is to come.

Tina 'Turtle' Satchell

Travel Manager

I am a wildlife lover! My passion is travel and wildlife and whenever I get the chance I volunteer with amazing animal projects. I am currently in Cairns where I help rehabilitate injured Sea Turtles with the Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre. I am also addicted to Scuba Diving and love the underwater world, especially the Great Barrier Reef that I call home. Born in England I grew up in Robin Hood country near Nottingham and then lived in the surfer capital Newquay. Here I met travellers from all over the world and that took me across Asia, Australia and then New Zealand where I spent almost 4 years loving the alpine lifestyle and adrenalin sports!