Giving Back Programme

The Present Defines The Future

Being a vessel for good

We believe that everything starts with a gift, the gift of water, or even the air we breathe and most importantly, the gift of life itself.

We also believe business should not have an opt-out clause in this circular ecomomy of life and hope our ethos will be the norm in the not too distant future.

“No one has ever become poor from giving."

Our Efforts 2017-22

Before the covid pandemic impacted our lives Tree Hugger Travel was a small and fun adventure, giving and growing, it was all very exciting. We were thrilled at how we could give back with direct impacts in saving the last wild places on earth.

Our Eco Rewards programme supported World Land Trust ‘Buy-an-Acre’ programme, directly purchasing biologically diverse habitats on large scales, protecting them forever.

Our efforts secured the protection of 27 acres of threatened habitats and their wildlife.

2023 is time to relaunch, with a few tweaks but still carrying on where we left off, giving!

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Giving Back Now

Tree Hugger Travel is back, offering regenerative and sustainable travel packages for travellers wanting to make positive impacts in the communities they visit.

Tree Hugger Travel’s core values and goals are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Supporting Local People

Part of our giving back programme is supporting local business and choosing local tour operators and local accommodation providers as much as possible. Supporting local means we empower those who love to live in the destination, those who want to maintain its natural beauty, promote protection for wildlife and live more sustainable lives.

Supporting Local Wildlife & Conservation

Tree Hugger Travel is dedicated to help safeguard the future of the world’s rainforests by supporting conservation programs that purchase, protect and restore endangered rainforests.

Our very own Daintree Rainforest is such a forest, the oldest in the world, biodiverse beyond belief and listed as endangered.

The impacts of ongoing clearing for housing continue to cause fragmentation of this special rainforest and the reason why it is so important to support conservation groups dedicated to purchase, protection and restoration.

This is very similar to our past efforts when supporting World Land Trust (see above).

Our Core Values and Goals

Tree Hugger Travel’s goals are purposefully aligned with the UN’s Global Goals. We have  identified well being, sustainability, health of oceans, life on land and tackling the climate crisis as areas we can make positive change.