Port Lincoln Eco Tours & Eyre Peninsula Adventures

Rugged Coastlines, Aquatic Adventures & Spectacular Outback

Port Lincoln Eco Tours: The Eyre Peninsula is recognised as a true "Aussie" landscape. With outback, stunning coastlines and an ocean full of life it is the prefect destination. Port Lincoln is the largest city in the West Coast region of South Australia and where there is some exciting activities begin here.

Port Lincoln eco tours offer Great White Shark encounters from a single day to multi night expeditions. Don't be too afraid to get into the water when you have the chance to snorkel with inquisitive sea lions and ofcourse, there is always koalas to find chilling in there lofty hangouts.

Port Lincoln eco tours and Eyre Peninsula adventures are waiting to mesmerise you.

Port Lincoln eco tours & Eyre Peninsula - choosing what to do:

Tours Departing Adelaide
Adelaide offers some adventurous tours to the Eyre Peninsula making it easy for travellers and more affordable than travelling to Port Lincoln. Tours Pass by the Flinders Ranges, then head south to the Eyre Peninsula where some breathtaking wildlife experiences await and depending on your type of travel, camp out in the great Australian bush or enjoy award wining eco-stays. (see also Adelaide Eco Tours)
1 Day Port Lincoln Eco Tours
From its fresh caught fish to the delicious wines, from wildlife to the beautiful landscape and scenery, experience Port Lincoln for a day with enthusiastic and experienced local guides who love there place in the South.
Great White Shark Experiences and Diving Research Expeditions
Port Lincoln is the only place in Australia where you can experience close encounters with Great White Sharks. Rodney Fox was the inventor of the shark cage, and along with underwater legends Ron and Valerie Taylor, was the first to capture underwater footage of a Great White. Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions lead the way with their multi-day expeditions to the Neptune Islands and day dive operators Adventure Bay Charters offer an eco alternative with attracting sharks using only music, and it works! This is an experience of a lifetime that should not be missed, to witness these ancient apex predators in their own domain.
Snorkel with Sea Lions
Who doesn't want to swim with sea lions? Hopkins Island is the place to be and at Seal Cove they are getting ready for play time. These inquisitive marine mammals love to get up close and personal with human snorkellers. Another Port Lincoln eco tours highlight!
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