Group Tours and Travel in Australia

Why choose group tours and travel in Australia?

Australia is a big place with lots to see and do. Joining group tours and travel in Australia makes things a lot easier and allowing you to maximise your precious holiday time. Instead of worrying about logistics, you can focus all your energy on having the experience of a lifetime.

Small group tours

Small group tours and travel in Australia is the best way to discover this huge country offering adventures from 2 to 28 days. Group tours are small enough to feel like you’re exploring a destination independently, but big enough to create a good social vibe. Group size will vary depending on where and how your’re travelling, but the average maximum group size is 16 with no more than 24 on overlanding tours. Small group tours and travel in Australia is ideal solo travellers too - it means ready-made friends who are itching to explore just like you.

Tour Leaders

Tour leaders on group tours and travel in Australia are locals who know their destinations better than anyone and love what they do. With expert local knowledge, a passion for wildlife, the great outdoors and leaders in responsible travel your Australian adventure will be second to none.

SustainableTravel and Eco Tourism

Tree Hugger Travel promotes group tours and travel in Australia that are committed to sustainable travel and eco tourism principles. Australia, although an advanced country, is still learning from environmental mismanagement and ecological breakdowns. Therefore we believe travel must be conducted in a responsible manner, helping echo a call for protection of our unique plants, animals and multitude of eco-systems by showcasing them to international travellers.

With every tour listing you will find information on how that tour gives back and/or its eco accreditation.

Tree Hugger Travel - Giving Back

Or unique customer eco-rewards programme in partnership with the World Land Trust funds, purchases and protects threatened rainforest habitats globally. Every group tours and travel in Australia adventure will say how much rainforest will be protected by you simply booking the tour.

Trip Styles - choosing the style that suits you:


Our Basix style trips are designed for travellers who want exceptional value, plenty of free time and having the flexibility to choose where and how their time and money is spent. By working plenty of free time into the itineraries and keeping many of the activities optional, we aim to make travel possible for those on even the most slender of budgets. After all, why pay for an activity or excursion you wouldn’t otherwise be interested in? Or a level of comfort you don’t require?

Depending on the region you’re travelling in, Basix trips stay in either shared permanent tents at established campsites – some powered, some not – or in dorm-share accommodation. Sleeping bags are required when camping on Basix trips and some regions also feature the option of sleeping under the stars in a swag (a waterproof canvas bedroll, with a built in mattress).


Classix style trips run at a relaxed pace, include plenty of free time, are built from local know-how and have an off-the-beaten-track vibe. Travellers love them because they’re the opposite of the clichéd big bus group tour: think small, fun and adventurous.

Classix style camping is in shared permanent twin-share tents that feature cosy beds, wooden floors, full linen, lighting, power points, a bedside table and fans. In some places, twin-share hostel/motel rooms are the go. Those travelling solo aren’t charged any extra if they’re happy to room-share with someone of the same gender. For those who’d prefer their own room, single supplements are sometimes available.


Travelling on a Comfort style trip means encountering all that the real world has to offer, but with an added degree of comfort. The travel pace is more relaxed and the accommodation a touch nicer. You will also be treated to more included meals, visits to popular restaurants or eateries, more leader-led activities and get a greater immersion in all things local.

Handpicked comfortable hotels with pivate amenities and often plenty of local character with an emphasis on.

Trip themes and special interests:

Indigenous Culture

Australia's First People have been here for an estimated 60,000 years and are one of the oldest living cultures on our planet today.

Group tours and travel in Australia offer opportunities to appreciate the sheer knowledge held by Aboriginal peoples of Australia through cultural experiences and partnerships.

Experiences can consist of art workshops, traditional hunting and gathering, music and ofcourse dreamtime stories form aboriginal elders.


The wildlife of Australia consists of a huge variety of animals that are found no where else on earth. To break it down, 83% of mammals, 89% of reptiles, 24% of fish & insects and 93% of amphibians that inhabit the continent are endemic to this wonderful country.

Many of these critters – like kangaroos, possums and wombats – are widely dispersed about the continent and relatively easy to spot. Others, being either shy, rare, migratory, endangered, endemic to small areas, or a combination of these traits, are famously elusive – platypuses, dingoes, Tassie Devils best fit this bill.

Travel leaders are always on the lookout for any Australian wildlife, so get your cameras ready to snap nature in action.

Marine Life

Australia’s wide range of marine environments play host to some of the world’s most fascinating creatures. It doesn’t matter if you’re visiting the tropical north or dipping a toe in the more bracing waters of the south, there’s a memorable marine experience waiting for you.

Swim with a whale sharks (March-September) and manta rays (May-September), and spot a humpback whale breaking too! All on the west coast.

The Southern Ocean is known for its rich marine life, especially Kangaroo Island – known as the Galapagos of Australia.

Penguins are the highlight of the Victorian coastline and whales and dolphins steal the show off New South Wales.

Once you hit Queensland on the east coast diversity explodes with the Great Barrier Reef. Home to 1625 fish species and 450-plus types of coral, as well as marine turtles, starfish, dugongs, sea anemones, crustaceans, sponges and shells as an introduction!

Overland Trips

Most overland adventures use all-terrain vehicles (the best at handling rough roads and river-crossings), and there’s usually a fair bit of camping involved. This is Australia how few ever get to see it.

On an Australia Overland tour you’re accompanied by a local leader who is also your driver, taking you from start to finish and have a broad general knowledge of the areas visited, are full of tips for places to eat and things to see, and will introduce you to our mates along the road. When visiting Indigenous communities and sites, such as Uluru, we draw on the expertise of local Aboriginal guides, who share insight into their culture, history and connection to land.

Trip Destinations in Australia:

West Coast

Perth - Broome - Darwin