Islands & Marine Life

Explore Australia’s stunning coastline encountering its remarkable marine life, visiting beautiful islands and exploring its incredible reefs.

The Great Barrier Reef or Ningaloo Reef? Kangaroo Island or tropical Green Island? Great white sharks or whale sharks? Australia has all the islands and marine life you could ever want!

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Wavelength Eco Reef Cruise Port Douglas – 2023 – Coral & Marine Life - 05
1 Day Tour

Wavelength Eco Reef Cruise

from A$267.00

Snorkellers on the reef with a huge Humphead or Maori Wrasse.
1 Day Tour

Cairns Eco Reef Cruise

from A$260.00

Ocean Safari Cape Tribulation is one the best experiences to encounter green sea turtles.
½ Day Tour

Ocean Safari Cape Tribulation Snorkel

from A$184.00